Constellation Network (DAG) Monthly Update — January 2021

Aeon C
4 min readMar 7, 2021

Hello Community!

January 2021 is finally over and it is time for an overview of exciting progress taking place in the Constellation ecosystem! Let’s take a look at what has been going on within the Constellation ecosystem.

*Please note that this article is not an official update from the Constellation team and is created for informative purposes, and not to be perceived as financial / professional advice in regard to investment or any other fields. All information presented below are publicly available.


Jan 13 — The team published a recap article for Hypergraph Hour Episode 5 titled “Constellation Network: The Decentralised Keiretsu”. One of the key takeaways from this episode is the concept of Keiretsu — a principle of business organisation that is responsible for the persistent economic success of Japan. CEO Benjamin Jorgensen believes that Constellation Network is becoming a decentralised keiretsu with primary focus on governance, neutralising competitors and progressing cohesion within the community.

CEO Benjamin also unveiled the 2021 roadmap for Constellation Network.

Constellation Network 2021 Roadmap

Jan 21 — The team published an article titled “Constellation Network: To Infinity and Beyond!”, giving an overview of Space ISAC and the role of Constellation Network as one of the first contributing members in enabling better security and improved space communications.

Jan 27 — The team released the recorded Hypergraph Hour Episode 6 live streaming video. In this Hypergraph Hour, CEO Benjamin Jorgensen and COO Mathias Goldmann had a deeper discussion on state channels, DAG terminal, utility of $DAG tokens as well as their respective roles within the Constellation ecosystem.

Jan 31 — CEO Benjamin Jorgensen tweeted on why Constellation Network could become the de-facto blockchain for digital business adoption:


Jan 4 Girl Gone Crypto released the interview with Constellation Network COO Mathias Goldmann. The interview covered key discussion topics on why the Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) is vastly different from other blockchains and how the Constellation is using blockchain technology to implement secure and auditable solutions for complex data sets.

Jan 13 Unizen Exchange (previously known as Zen Exchange)has officially included Constellation Network $DAG in the “Tournament of Altcoins” event. The winner of the event will receive a free listing and tier-one liquidity on Unizen exchange. Unizen Exchange’s centralised liquidity and platform is powered by Binance infrastructure, security and liquidity.

Jan 18 — Hackernoon published an interview article with Constellation Network CEO Benjamin Jorgensen titled “Decentralised Governance is an Existential Cultural Shift”. During the interview, Benjamin has discussed about the HGTP and its benefits, Proof of Reputable Observations consensus mechanism, decentralised governance, DeFi and Lattice Exchange. Some of the key questions answered during the interview are as follows:

  • For many people, the main fear associated with the paradigm of decentralized governance lies in the absence of a rigid regulatory framework. Do you think this is something that can be overcome?
  • To what extent do you personally believe in the future of DeFi? And what role in it will be dedicated to Hypergraph Transfer Protocol?
  • What are the main benefits of HGTP protocol, and how does it match the idea of decentralized transformation as well as non-governmental control?
  • How will the development process of decentralized apps change with HGTP, in comparison to building on Ethereum smart contracts?
  • In your opinion, will a lot of people be interested in applying the Hypergraph Transfer Protocol to their everyday operations? What about Lattice Exchange?