Constellation Network (DAG) Monthly Update — November 2020

Aeon C
4 min readDec 21, 2020

Hello Community!

November is over and it is time for an overview of exciting progress taking place in the Constellation ecosystem!

*Please note that this article is not an official update from the Constellation team and is created for informative purposes, and not to be perceived as financial / professional advice in regard to investment or any other fields. All information presented below are publicly available.


Nov 21 — CRO Benjamin Diggles made a short video to share Constellation Network’s business momentum over the next several weeks. One of the key takeaways from this video is that the team is currently working with one of the biggest industry players in tax audits for real-time proof of compliance. Check out the following to watch the full video:

Nov 24 — The team held an AMA in the form of recorded video as well as inside the Constellation community Telegram channel to discuss several significant updates including the road to Hypergraph 2.0, scaling of foundational partnerships and the emphasis of state channels in powering microservices. Lets recap some of the questions answered by CRO Benjamin Diggles during the Telegram AMA:

Q1: In the DAG Molly wallet, we see governance, so what is the long term use of this?

Mr Diggles— Think of the DAG Molly Wallet at the first deployment of PayPal. Simple and effective but not ubiquitous. Wallets will start to take new shape with deployments of state channels, microservices and lite nodes.

Q2: Do you have any good sources that we can read to get warmed up with statechannels so we can fade into Q1 and not fade out :D

Mr Diggles — Candidly, we are behind on this and I know it’s critical. I have plenty of hardcore stuff on state channels but we need to demystify it further as to not confuse folks. Stay tuned and I’m sorry we haven’t done a better job of outlining our X factor.

Q3: “Does the DAG team also work with other crypto projects to develop the entire crypto / blockchain / tangle / etc. — To make space interoperable?
If so, you could also name some, as many already know Quant (QNT).”

Mr Diggles — Cross chain integrations aren’t all that hard TBH. So it’s not driven by the art of what’s possible but rather a demand of utility. Meaning, bringing legacy systems into the fold is stage one with interoperability being on the other side. The DoD is thrilled we are aligned with ChainLink as an example — however the need to configure an integration will come down the road in the use case we are working through.

Q4: Dagster put out a bunch of really cool potential user case infographics. These are all “potential” use cases, so if the team is actually building a product around one or more of these use cases that we are not aware of, such as ChainLink, then can the team share that with the community and showcase the progress?

Mr Diggles — Starting Q1 we will be doing deep dives into the use case diagrams that I’ve been putting together. Some of them will be past defined projects and some of them will be projects in the hopper for 2021 adoption.

Nov 30 — The team announced “Hypergraph Hour” which will be held on every Wednesday at 12PM PST in the Constellation Community Telegram with the Constellation team. Join us on a weekly basis as the team will be ready to answer your questions and provide more insights into business developments and strategic alignment with various existing and potential partners from time to time.


Nov 6 — Molley Wallet v2 was released on Github with several important updates including MetaMask and cross-chain key support, full record-keeping of transaction timeline and LTX token airdrop support.

Nov 9 — Stardust Collective published an article titled “Making Reliable Decisions Utilising Validated Data with a Cost-Effective Solution”, discussing the current issues encountered by organisations in terms of efficient cybersecurity and data validation solutions, and how Constellation’s Hypergraph provides a distributed ledger based data management solution that addresses issues around scalability and cybersecurity, enabling organisations to scale at ease while enabling them to cryptographically secure sensitive information with varying levels of clearance.

Nov 29 — Our community shared an article “Blockchain vs. Directed Acyclic Graph” published by Gamma Law, discussing several problems faced by blockchain networks in general and how directed acyclic graph (DAG) could become a feeless network and its architectural strucutre is well suited for micro-transactons that would be too costly on blockchain alternatives.