Constellation Network (DAG) Monthly Update — September 2020

Aeon C
6 min readOct 17, 2020

Hello Community!

In this monthly update, we will go over everything you might have missed that happened recently for Constellation Network! There were some exciting updates that are not to be missed!

**Please note that this article is not an official update from the Constellation team and is created for informative purposes, and not to be perceived as financial / professional advice in regard to investment or any other fields. All information presented below are publicly available.


Sep 1Alpha Sigma Capital (ASC) announced that it is supporting the Constellation Network via a series of DAG token purchases. ASC CEO and Managing Partner Enzo Villani said:

“Constellation is setting up to be a market leader for Big Data cybersecurity. Their proprietary Hypergraph network allows organizations and institutions to address threat vectors that pervade data transposition, IoT, and big data initiatives alike.”

As you may be aware, ASC is an investment fund focused on blockchain companies that have successfully built a user base, demonstrating real-world uses for their decentralized ecosystems. It focuses on technology companies that are leveraging blockchain technology to provide value-add in areas such as fintech, AI, supply chain, and healthcare.

Some of the blockchain projects in ASC’s portfolio include Quant Network, Polkadot, Singularity Net, Solana and Factom. You can find more information at

Sep 10 — The team held a AMA inside the Constellation community Telegram channel to discuss several key updates including ongoing negotiations with several major exchanges, light nodes rollout, features of Lattice Exchange (a flagship project based on DAG Hypergraph) and its governance token LTX, as well as more letters of support for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the USAF. To read the full AMA transcript, please click the following link:

Sep 15Lattice Exchange announced its early backers — FBG Capital and Alphabit Fund. In the article published by Cision PR Newswire, Founder of FBG Capital and CEO of Alphabit Fund stated the following:

Vincent Zhou, Founder of FBG Capital states, “We are excited to invest in Lattice Exchange as we believe that Lattice will offer the best solution to the high transaction fees on Ethereum in DeFi. By leveraging the Constellation Hypergraph, Lattice will aggregate liquidity and execute trades at a much lower cost. Lattice and Constellation have the potential to become the new standard for decentralized trading.”

Liam Robertson, CEO of Alphabit Fund, states, “As existing backers of Constellation, we believe that with the utilization of their ground-breaking Hypergraph network, Lattice will usher in the new standard for decentralized exchanges to be on par with centralized exchanges and traditional securities. Lattice is set to spearhead the decentralized exchange movement to new highs by aggregating liquidity pools, lowering fees, and evolving market making algorithms.”


Sep 1 — Stardust Collective published an article on Constellation’s Distributed Security Infrastructure for Healthcare. One of the commercial use cases of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry is to tackle problems such as data security and breaches, medical record keeping, combating counterfeit drugs and verifying the integrity of clinical trials, as well as an increased patient demand for data transparency and accessibility.

The article discussed about how Constellation Network’s distributed security infrastructure is uniquely positioned to address the concerns of improper security measures for protecting critical health information such as medical history, social security numbers, personal financial data and more. Constellation Network utilises a directed acyclic graph centric protocol, allowing healthcare organisations to safeguard patient information. To read the full article, please click here:

Sep 3 — Stardust Collective published an article titled “Constellation’s Hypergraph & The Token Utility”, introducing Constellation Network’s Hypergraph and the role of its native token — DAG, which is deployed on the Hypergraph that enables auditable, secure, fast and trustless exchange of data at high volume. As a recap, Hypergraph is asynchronous, infinitely scalable and consequeuntly built to habndle large volume of data, whereas DAG token is utilised within the Hypergraph to acquire enahcned throughput, attributing value to the data being exchanged. Another notable feature of Hypergraph is that every individual transaction per snapshot window of 5 minutes is free of charge! To read the full article, please click here:

Sep 5New Kids On The Blockchain held an short interview with the Constellation team — CEO Benjamin Jorgensen and COO Mathias Goldman.

Sep 11 — The Daily Chain published an article DeFi Exchange, Lattice, To Build on DAG Hypergraph in conjunction with the announcement from the Constellation Network that the first dApp on Hypergraph is an DeFi-centric— Lattice Exchange. To learn more about how Lattice Exchange is solving the fundamental issues in DeFi applications through an evolved approach, please read the Lattice Exchange Whitepaper and visit its official website.

Sep 14 — Stardust Collective published an article titled “Constellation’s Distributed Security Infrastructure and The Department of Defence”, discussing how Constellation’s Hypergraph is uniquely positioned to enable US government agencies to secure data transmission, verify data integrity and integrate all necessary data types and policies to help better decision making. To read the full article, please click here:

Sep 14 — Our community members — “V”, “Tom” (@Tom1363) and “Cryptomer” (@cryptomer) continued their deep-dive research on the Constellaton Network’s core team members, advisors and contributors and created a series of infographics as follows:

Sep 19 — The team tweeted a sneak peak of the new web wallet for DAG:

Sep 21 — Stardust Collective released a compilation of videos created around Constellation Network’s big data solution for the U.S. Department of Defence.

Sep 25David Gokhshtein, a prominent crypto educator and writer with 172k followers on Twitter, has tweeted the following post on DAG:

Sep 30 — The Daily Chain published an article on “How Lattice Fixes the Trouble with Exchanges”, focusing on how Lattice Exchange aims to tackle or alleviate several important issues with the existing CEXs and DEXs such as interface, price slippage and liquidity pools, tools for amateur and professional traders, transaction speed and fees. To read the full article, please click here: