Constellation Network (DAG) Monthly Update — October 2020

Aeon C
6 min readNov 14, 2020

Hello Community!

Lots of events and updates have come to light in the month of October, so let’s take a quick look at what has been going on in the Constellation ecosystem!

**Please note that this article is not an official update from the Constellation team and is created for informative purposes, and not to be perceived as financial / professional advice in regard to investment or any other fields. All information presented below are publicly available.


Oct 2 — CEO Benjamin Jorgensen and COO Mathias Goldmann have authored and published an article “Lattice Exchange: A best in class DeFi project built on Constellation’s Hypergraph”. The article discusses about how Lattice will evolve DeFi landscape, the roadmap for Lattice till Q4 2021, its core features and functions as well as LTX governance token.

Oct 6 Hillrise Capital held an AMA with CEO Benjamin Jorgensen and COO Mathias Goldmann on Telegram, focusing on Lattice exchange and its competitive advantages. One key takeaway from this AMA is that Constellation’s Hypergraph can be utilised for tokenisation of securities too!

Ray Reijnders
Just noticed STO was mentioned here. If tokenization of securities catches on will Constellation be open to tokenizing a specific product or a share of the company?

Ben Jorgensen
Yes — absolutely. It would be a great use case. Think of all of the different rights, data, and aspects that go into a stock (voting, permissions, price, etc.) there is no way that a smart contract could secure all of that data (and then to be able to trade that asset and know that all of those features and aspects weren’t tampered with as it exchanged hands). This is where Constellation will shine.

Oct 14 — The team released an information overview on “Constellation Network for Processing and Securing Complex LiDAR Data”. LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging, an active remote sensing method for measuring distances to objects and surfaces by illuminating a target with infrared lasers and measuring the reflections with a sensor. There are numerous benefits associated with using LiDAR technologies. LiDAR collects data quickly and with high accuracy, and requires minimum human dependence because most of its processes are automated.

Due to growing security concerns within LiDAR systems and a lack of protocols around data collection and analysis, an urgent solution is required that would accurately and securely process, protect and verify large volumes of complex LiDAR data. To tackle these problems, Constellation Network provides a highly scalable and interoperable solution that uses distributed ledger technology and a novel consensus algorithm to cryptographically process LiDAR data at scale and in transit through a data authentication pipeline that provides end-to-end security.

Oct 14 — CEO Benjamin Jorgensen and CRO Benjamin Diggles presented at the MOBI Community Innovation Lecture: The Hypergraph Transfer Protocol (HGTP) by Constellation Network. In this lecture, you will learn how Constellation team areeffectively using blockchain to handle big data scability, their role in MOBI’s Connected Mobility & Data Marketplace working group and their approach to appending autonomous vehicle LiDAR, video and image data on their directed acyclic graph blockchain architecture.

Slides presented during the lecture

Oct 16 — Lattice Exchange published an article “Founders Share Exciting Roadmpa for Early Lattice Supports”, giving key updates and dates for October and November 2020.

Lattice, as the first ecosystem application to be built on Constellation’s Hypergraph, has opened the doors to many new communities across Asia and Europe. It has allowed many more people to understand the value of the Constellation Hypergraph as an ecosystem (akin to an operating system). As such the Hypergraph is positioned as an evolution to Ethereum and Polkadot.


Oct 8 — Our community member “dagster70” (@Dagster70) made a series of infographics which outline the potential use cases of Constellation’s Hypergraph in various fields such as military, healtcare, mobility, energy and financial sectors as well as its partnership with Chainlink and Quant Network.

Oct 12 Space ISAC released as statement in response to Space Policy Directive (SPD-5) which establishes a framework for cybersecurity best practices for space systems and “key cybersecurity principles to guide and serve as the foundation for America’s approach to the cyber protection of space systems”. If you are interested in cybersecurity principles, please take a look at the Memorandum on SPD-5 — Cybersecurity Principles for Space Systems released from The White House.

Oct 21Yahoo Finance published an article “Lattice secures investment from leading digital asset firms to propel growth”, announcing Lattice Exchange has received investment from multiple companies led by global digital asset maker GSR. GSR will aid Lattice in its development of algorithmic trading capabilities and the launch of its exchange.

Cristian Gil, GSR Co-Founder, said: “DeFi continues to be the epicenter of some of the most interesting developments in digital asset trading. The innovations that companies like LTX are bringing to the market will solve many of the challenges that currently impede cryptocurrency market structure from reaching its full potential. We’re proud to be supporting this project and helping to ensure a truly institutional-grade experience for traders.”

GSR is the leading trading firm in the digital asset ecosystem, with decades of experience managing global trading and quant business.