Constellation Network (DAG) Monthly Update — June 2020



  • Stardust Collective released a video on the partnerhship between Constellation network and Quant’s Overledger. The video briefly explains the scope of this partnership, which could provide robust security for IoT and enable interoperability of data with security at scale. Take a look at the video here:
  • A webminar link for Dcode Virtual Series on “Emerging Tech in SBIR” was shared by a Telegram community member, El Dude. The webminar discussed about the latest and greatest happenings with the SBIR program and meeting with 14 companies that have a Phase I and seeking a Phase II partner. Constellation network is part of the USAF SBIR Phase I program. You may register for this webminar on-demand:
  • Constellation Roadmap, USAF Support Letter and Market Landscape slides presented by CEO Benjamin during the SOTU 2020 were extracted by our Telegram community members as key takeways for people who are too busy to watch the full SOTU video :)
Constellation Roadmap
USAF Letter of Support on 29 April 2020
Market landscape
  • A anonymous poll was conducted by our Telegram community admin Viking_one to determine whether community members are willing to pay USD99–149 for a hardware wallet (similar to a Trezor or a Ledger Nano) to store DAG and other major crypto currencies like BTC and ETH. A total of 115 people has voted and the result is 63% of people voted NO while 37% voted YES.
  • The Daily Chain posted an article — “Thinking like a visionary: Constellation’s future proof mindset” to discuss about how long-term mindset and delayed gratification can lead to better investment results, potentially in cryptocurrency project which has real-world potential to shape the future of big data — Constellation network. Read the full article here:
  • Following the Coffee Talk on “Smart Contract will be Dead”, a constructive discusson was initiated by Telegram community members to explore how Constellation network is different than blockchain and the analogy of blockchain as a staircase and DAG (directed acyclic graphs) as a tree. Read the full relevant articles here: and
  • Vito announced the release of Molly Wallet v1.2.0. The key upgrade is to enable one-click installer / uninstaller that works well on major operating systems and no more Java installations are required.
  • Constellation network was found to appear in Technology Alliance of a NASDAQ listed tech giant — Splunk. In this regard, DRC has published an article to explore the possibilities on how Constellation could collaborate with Splunk and USAF, particularly on building a common data platform as a first step to Joint All Domain Command & Control (JADC2), a revolutionary concept which aims to enhance warfighting capabilities. Read the full article here:



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