Constellation Network (DAG) Monthly Update — August 2020

Aeon C
7 min readSep 6, 2020

Hello Community!

August is behind us and it is time once again for the Constellation Network’s monthly update. There were so many exciting updates from our awesome community members! :)

**Please note that this article is not an official update from the Constellation team and is created for informative purposes, and not to be perceived as financial / professional advice in regard to investment or any other fields. All information presented below are publicly available.


Aug 13 — Satoshi Club (@Satoshi_club) held an AMA with the Constellation team — CEO Benjamin Jorgensen, COO Mathias Goldman, CRO Benjamin Diggles and CTO Wyatt Meldman-Flock on Telegram. During the AMA, the team has discussed several key issues including network consensus, nodes selection and onboarding, upcoming partnership and product around DeFi, how the Constellation Network gains competitive edge in terms of consensus mechanism, cryptographically securing complex data types and microservice ecosystem. To read the full AMA transcript, please click the following link:

AMA between Constellation Network and Satoshi Club


Aug 2 — Our community member “V” made a catchy infographic that shows the potential links between Constellation Network, Quant Network and US Department of Defence (DoD). In December 2019, Constellation Network announced partnership with Quant Network, which aims to provide robust security for IoT and interoperability of data between systems and devices for use cases like Smart Cities.

Infographic made by V

Aug 3 — DAG Research Council (DRC) highlighted an extract from the Deloitte’s publication on “Blockchain in the Automotive Industry”. In this report, Deloitte explored the role of blockchain in automotive market and assessed blockchain opportunities. Some examples of blockchain opportunities outlined in the report include sharing data on vehicles and their owners, manufacturers and dealers in a secure way, monetising that data and linking data held by different businesses, and enabling consumers to save money through “pay as you go” access to mobility and cheaper insurance based on usage and accurate data.

Aug 4 — Our community member “dagster70” (@Dagster70) made a comprehensive infographic which outlines what Hypergraph is and how it differs from other Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) and other blockchains. If you are new to Constellation Network, please take a glance at this nice infographic below!

Infographic made by dagster70

Aug 10 — Stardust Collective released an informative video on “Constellation & Mobility — An Overview from Stardust”. In this video, an overview of why Constellation Network is so important to the mobility sector and its roles in MOBI to tackle the challenges of setting data standards for autonomous vehicles were discussed. As the automotive technology is advancing rapidly, Constellation Network is well positioned to become a leading solution in big data and cybersecurity for automotive industry.

Constellation & Mobility — An Overview from Stardust

Aug 11 — Another nice infographic “Constellation x Quant” was created by our active commuity member — dagster70. You will get the gist of what Constellation Network and Quant Network are, as well as the purpose and use case of their partnerhsip. Kudos to dagster70!

Infographic made by dagster70

Aug 11 — Our community members noticed that Constellation Network was listed as one of the investments in the latest portfolio update from Moonrock Capital. Moonrock Capital stated in its article that Constellation Network is the most promising DAG platform, targeting a fast growing market that faces huge demand for big data solutions. Moonrock Capital is a blockchain advisory and investment partnership firm based in London and Hamburg.

Moonrock Capital’s Investment Portfolio

Aug 14 — DRC shared an article on “Dcode Wins SBIR Phase II Award to Support the Entire Government Innovation Life Cycle”. As you may recall, Constellation Network is one of the 12 artifical intelligence and big data companies participated in the acceleration program organised by Dcode in February 2020. With deep understanding of both technology and government, Dcode breaks down barries to improve government and working with community of tech companies, government leaders and partners.

Aug 17 — Our community member “Yanka Peps” (@yankapeps) created a beautiful infographic to outline the key strengths of Constellation Network in tackling big data security challenges, including Hypergraph solution and its infinitely scalable cryptographic cybersecurity solution for big data.

Infographic made by Yanka Peps

Aug 17— DRC shared an article published by Cointegraph on “ING, Rolls Royce and Join Blockchain Education Alliance” launched by blockchain accelerator MouseBelt. If you recall, MouseBelt is a network of industry leaders committed to dribing blockchain innovation by supporting education, research and entrepreneurship at universities and beyond. Constellation Network joined the alliance in February 2020 together with Mastercard, Binance X, Ripple Xpring, NEO, IoTeX and Quantstamp.

MouseBelt — Members of Blockchain Education Alliance

Aug 12 — DRC shared an interesting podcast on “Space Policy Pod: Episode 8 (Erin Miller — Space ISAC)”. Erin Miller is the VP of Operations for Space ISAC, National Cybersecurity Center, who is equipped with over a decade of experience building tech collaborations and has formed hundreds of formal partnerships between government, industry and academia to solve problems for warfighters and national security. Key takeways from this podcast include overview of Space ISAC, major challenges facing the space community, and that Space ISAC has received support from various government bodies including White House, Department of Commerce and Department of Homeland Security.

Space Policy Podcast

Aug 20Quamfy Louge released a casual discussion video between Luke from Quant Network and both CEO Benjamin and CTO Wyatt from the Constellation team. The team discussed some exciting updates on big data strategy and data management solutions with US Air Force, the need for data marketplace for autonomous vehicles, the concept of automatic regulatory compliance / programmatic compliance, why Constellation Network is naturally synthetic as well as the ongoing process of creating a reactive mechanism for validator nodes’ rewards.

Casual Conversation — Constellation Network x Quamfy Lounge

Aug 21 — DRC shared an article published by Hackernoon on “DAG Will Do To Big Data What Bitcoin Did to Money”. The author gave a comprehensive overview on blockchain space and how Constellation Network is positioned as the leading blockchain solution to cybersecurity for big data. Several key characteristics of Constellation Network were also discussed, including improved security, infinite scalability, ease of adoption, tokenised throughput and unique network consensus — Proof of Reputable Observations.

Hackernoon — DAG Will Do To Big Data What Bitcoin Did to Money

Aug 26 — Our community members — “V”, “Tom” (@Tom1363) and “Cryptomer” (@cryptomer) initiated a deep-dive research on the Constellaton Network’s advisors and contributors. They created infographic for each of the advisors below to summarise their exceptional educational backgrounds as well as career experience in corporate, venture capital and blockchain space:

Aug 27 — DRC shared an article published by on “How Blockchain Can Change the Space Industry”. Key highlights from the article are as follows:

“The space sector can also give an important contribution for the development and wider use of blockchain, notably through the use of satellites as nodes in the chain either as participating nodes that store data, or validating nodes that validate and add data,” Mendonça said in the email.”In this case, you can use satellites to receive, store and broadcast blockchain data and apps. Hence, the satellite networks can be used as the infrastructure where you store data and through which you perform transactions.”

“Currently, there is no public [satellite] database,” Ravichandran said, “and the only one is owned by the US Air Force. Hence, this database is pretty crucial, and the fact that it is decentralized allows for a neutral, unbiased place for getting the positions of the satellites in-orbit.

Aug 27 — The Daily Chain published an article on “NASA Funding Blockchain Solution for Improved Satellite Communiations”. The key component is essentially leveraging blockchain technology to improve communication and coordination between NASA satellite. Meanwhile, our CEO Benjamin has mentioned the following during the AMA with Satoshi Club:

Aug 29 — Our community admin “Tom” (@Tom1363) / Cryptopleb published an article “Constellation Network $DAG” to give a complete overview of Constellation Network, including its partnerships, team members and tokenomics. There are extensive links of useful information for you to learn more about Constellation Network. This article is a must-read for every new and existing community member! :)