Constellation Network (DAG) — July Community Update (Part 2)

Aeon C
4 min readJul 25, 2020

Hello Community!

As you all aware, Constellation Network team is one of the 12 Silicon Valley startups participating in the LMI Ventures Virtual Startup Tech Showcase — “Enabling A Future-Ready Government” which will he held on 31 July 2020 from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM (ET). In this connection, let’s take a deep dive into LMI and some of its partners!

**Please note that this article is not an official update from the Constellation team and is created for informative purposes, and not to be perceived as financial / professional advice in regard to investment or any other fields. All information presented below are publicly available.


From LMI’s official website, we note that LMI is a government consultancy dedicated with a simple vision — to power a future-ready, high-performing government.

“LMI is a consultancy dedicated to powering a future-ready, high-performing government, drawing from expertise in digital and analytic solutions, logistics, and management advisory services. We deliver integrated capabilities that incorporate emerging technologies and are tailored to customers’ unique mission needs, backed by objective research and data analysis. Founded in 1961 to help the Department of Defense resolve complex logistics management challenges, LMI continues to enable growth and transformation, enhance operational readiness and resiliency, and ensure mission success for federal civilian and defense agencies.”

Meanwhile, LMI Ventures is a venture capital fund that aims to foster formal and exclusive partnerships with entrepreneurs whose technologies have potential to profoundly benefit federal agencies and their missions. LMI Ventures is actively seeking partnership with or investments in startups in the following key industries:

Building Partnerships to Solve Government’s Complex Problems

In June 2020, LMI Ventures joined MxD (stands for “Manufacturing x Digital”) in R&D initiatives to modernise manufacturing through advancements in digital engineering, cybersecurity, and supply chain resiliency. According to the LMI’s press release:

“Formerly the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, MxD is sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD) with an expressed focus on “the military’s most challenging manufacturing problems while also serving as a central hub for data on the sector’s competitiveness, according to the MxD website.

Some of the MxD’s Tier 1 and Tier 2 partners (including one of the founding members of Space ISAC — Lockheed Martin) are as follows:

MxD is also deeply involved with cybersecurity in U.S manufacturing as information security is crucial for every organisation. According to its official website, MxD is working closely with National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) on demonstrating existing cybersecurity technology, developing new tools to address very specific pain points for manufacturers and getting these tools to SMEs.

Meanwhile, NCMS has partnered with public agencies like Department of Homeland Security and The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to help manufacturers address cybersecurity issues, opportunities and mitigation solutions.

Recently, NIST released cybersecurity guidance for manufacturers of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. For example, one of the core baseline of security requirements defined by the NISTIR 8259A Standard is data protection, i.e. IoT devices can protect the data it stores and transmits from unauthorised access and modification.

According to the Standard, a IoT device should have the ability to use demonstrably secure cryptographic modules for standardised cryptographic algorithms (e.g., encryption with authentication, cryptographic hashes, digital signature validation) to prevent the confidentiality and integrity of the device’s stored and transmitted data from being compromised.)

In order for IoT devices to function and secure data, a network that can interoperate and communicate across chains will be necessary. Constellation’s framework is open-source, easy to develop on and allows for differing networks to sync. This is in line with the direction of Constellation Network team working on a protocol infracstructure that will have the ability for devices to securely and efficiently transmit data across disparate networks.

If you cast your mind back, NIST is one of the entities that our CRO Benjamin Diggles mentioned in his video below (starting from time 4:44):

In June 2019, LMI Ventures announced partnership with Immuta to create a compliance analytics environments that US Department of Defence (DoD) can use to strengthen decision making around weapons system readiness and sustainment. Now take a look at Immuta’s partners:

Databricks is one of the Immuta’s Technology Partners

Immuta and Databricks have deep business partnerhsip. Immuta’s Automated Governance platform has natively integrated with Databricks — enables organisation to perform data science faster and more securely by dynamically protecting and anonymizing data. If you recall, Databricks and Splunk are some of the key big data tech companies appeared in the “Market Landscape” slide presented by our CEO Benjamin Jorgensen during SOTU 2020.

If you are interested to watch to the Virtual Tech Showcase and show your support to our Constellation Network team presenting its forefront technology, please feel free to register here :)