Constellation Network (DAG) — July Community Update (Part 1)

Aeon C
4 min readJul 11, 2020


Hello Community!

Constellation Network CEO and Co-Founder Benjamin Jorgensen mentioned about Space Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (Space ISAC) during his conversations with our community members in Telegram on 8 July 2020. Another interesting connection was the Catalyst Accelerator brought up by our community admin Tom (@Tom1363) whereby Benjamin said that he is well into this and had already talked with them. So let’s take a closer look at both entities in this community update!

**Please note that this article is not an official update from the Constellation team and is created for informative purposes, and not to be perceived as financial / professional advice in regard to investment or any other fields. All information presented below are publicly available.


From the Space ISAC’s official website, we can see that its missions are as follows:

“Space ISAC is the only all-threats security information source for the public and private space sector. It will be the most comprehensive, single point source for data, facts and analysis on space security and threats to space assets. Space ISAC will also provide analysis and resources to support response, mitigation and resilience initiatives.”

Meanwhile, Constellation Network team has close connection with the United States Department of Defence (which include military department such as Department of Air Force) and Department of Homeland Security. From the Constellation Network’s official website, we noted the following extracts:

“Our objective is to offer the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security an easy to integrate developer tool that will enable these systems to instantaneously process, validate and secure data as it is being created and communicated across networks. We are creating a global standard for data in-transit and use.

There are growing needs to create an evolved data strategy specifically around Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2) to interoperate legacy system data and cloud infrastructure data. By decentralizing the processing and validation required for systems to communicate across networks, it is possible to significantly increase speed while also increasing security.”

In this connection, it is good to find out that some of the government partners of Space ISAC include Department of Homeland Security, United States Space Force (part of the Department of The Air Force) and National Security Agency. Please take a look at the Space ISAC’s partnership ecoystem (see Diagram 1 and 2 below):

Diagram 1: Space ISAC Partnership Ecosystem
Diagram 2: Government Partners

Here are the Founding Members of Space ISAC [Note: Please pay attention to Booz |Allen |Hamiltion :)]:

Founding Members of Space ISAC


From the Catalyst Accelerator’s official website, we note the following:

“Catalyst Space Accelerator is a defense and national security industry accelerator, headquartered on the Catalyst Campus for Technology and Innovation in Colorado Springs, Colorado.”

“The Accelerator’s mission is to promote technology advancement for the warfighter and guide technology transfer from the government to the commercial market and vice versa.”

The Accelerator program aims to to help startup or small businesses to make connections with the Department of Defence as well as potential customers, users and entrepreneurs.

“Catalyst Space Accelerator is a 12-week, semi-residential program located in Colorado Springs designed to increase the Air Force’s awareness and rapid acquisition of commercial dual-use space technology by providing relevant business development training to Accelerator companies and connecting these Entrepreneurs with users, decision makers, and potential new customers in the DoD and commercial realms.” Accelerator program

The upcoming Catalyst Accelerator cohort is Cyber for Space which will run from 1 September 2020 to 20 November 2020. Applications are still open and will close on 3 August 2020. Another interseting connection is to note that the corporate sponsor of this cohort is Booz |Allen |Hamiltion !

Under this cohort, some of the topics of interest for applications include the following:

  • How could modeling and simulation of satellites and space systems be used to improve their security?
  • How could SDN and network automation be used to better secure and improve space communications?
  • Are there new protocols or coding techniques that would improve the security?
  • How can we dissuade/prevent adversaries from data exfiltration?
  • How can we ensure data integrity?

While it is not clear to us whether the Constellation team has applied for the above Accelerator Program at this juncture, what is clear to us is that the disruptive technology offered by Constellation Network in terms of data security and auditability are in line with the mission and vision of the respective department or branch in the Department of Defence.

In the next update (Part 2), we will take a deeper look at potential connections that Constellation Network can involve with government agencies or commercial realms when we are looking into space. Stay tuned!